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So here is the story.  I ran a crowdsource fund to move a friend and their two kids out of an abusive home to come live with me. Thanks to the MASSIVE generosity of Tumblr, we were able to accomplish this goal and Mom and babies are safe with me.

Unfortunately, we still need help. I live in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment with two cats, a large dog, two kids and another adult.  Mom and the kids all have to share one bed currently.  I’m free to leave the lease I’m in at any time but saving up on one paycheck covering four people is hard.

I have managed to scrape together $900 towards moving but according to my calculations, we’re going to need anywhere from $1500 to $3000 to move. To top everything else off, we’re not able to sign up for food stamps (which we sorely need) or reduced day care (which we REALLY REALLY need) until we have a place where Mom is on the lease and where we are currently wouldn’t agree to add them.

Mom just got a new job and once we get moved into a new place, we’ll be able to cover all expenses without much issue but the cost of the initial move needs to be obtained quickly so we can sign up for sorely needed benefits.

To raise money, I’m going to attempt to do as many commissions between now and September 1st as I possibly can creatively and emotionally handle.  Which means you will be getting awesome commissions as fast as I can churn them out which means little to no waiting.

Here is what I’m offering:






(Color option 2  and full body options not offered due to time constraints.  Prices are applied PER CHARACTER)

Send all commission requests to maggie.amber.davidson@gmail.com and I’ll be here all day on the weekends working and after 6PM on the weekdays to help you and discuss the wills and won’ts of your requests. 

If you’d like to help but don’t want a commission, you can donate to me here.  I don’t expect donations but would certainly appreciate any help we can get!

If you have nothing to spare (believe me, I understand) please just signal boost!


"Greetings!" The tiny boy chirped, still hugging the tail with a giggle before holding his arms up. "Forest-friend came to see little self! Little self thought self would never see you again." He pouted.

He pulled him into his lap.  ”You saw me not that long ago…” he chuckled.  He couldn’t help but frown slightly.  It was worrisome to see Dee like this.  ”What have you been up to?”


So, 1600 of you and ten days before my 2 year anniversary on this site. So I did this 600 followers ago for my 1000 follower giveaway, and now I’m doing it again.

You like musics right? Well of course you do. We all like music, songs get circulated around here like crazy. So how would you like a song specifically for your blog/muse? Yeah. Crazy right? Of course it’s crazy!

So some of you may know that in addition to having had a band and being a singer/songwriter, I also do digital production and love coming up with new tracks (some of which were done specifically for different plots on this very blog!) Well, I can make one for you! You the winner of this here giveaway! Here is a taste of my music, though I can do a variety of different styles.

The Rules:

  • Must be following as of today. I know who follower 1600 is so anyone after that is not eligible. 
  • One like, one reblog. Let’s make it easier on everyone else this time, eh?
  • Must be an RP blog. I will not create a unique song for a personal blog, I’m sorry.
  • Winners must be willing to give out address.

The Prizes:

  • First place gets an original song, my Make Your Adventure album on CD (signed because why not), a digital copy of my second album Cursed, and a promo graphic.
  • Second place gets Make Your Own Adventure (signed) a digital copy of Cursed, and a promo graphic.
  • Third place gets a digital copy of Cursed, and a promo graphic.

Contest ends at midnight est time August 28th, 2014. Good night, good luck, and rock on.


"Consistent?" Esperanza had to laugh at that — not in a cruel way, but if there was one thing that Warlock wasn’t, it was consistent. She shook her head. “Warlock? Really?”

Maybe he’d grown up some, or settled on a face or something. How was she to know?

"…We were a team once. And he left." Her fingers itched within her gloves, but she didn’t dare to take them off. There were only two people she trusted herself around, and one of them had broken that trust. "Didn’t even say goodbye," she added glumly. "I’m not the first he’s done that to either."

"… W-Well maybe there was a reason," he said, "like um… maybe he had an emergency on Kvch or something, iunno.  It could have been anything, I dunno his whole sorted past.  My main point is maybe he was a big bumblebee colored jerk face who abandoned you and acted like a two faced butthead, but maybe there was something else going on. You should talk to him instead of just assuming it was something to do with you or that he’s just mean.  Cause if there’s something he’s not, it’s mean.  And you seem too nice to just skip out on."  He beamed.  "I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation."


Leeland gave a small roll his shoulders, holding his mug with one hand as his fingers of the other strimmed across Locke’s surface. “I kn-know bits and b-bobs. I kn-know there are s-some th-things he’s holding b-back but…” Another shrug. “Th-that’s j-just the way it is. We’ve all g-got s-secrets.” Though it bothered him just a little that his own father was keeping things back from him, he had to remember that he had his own secrets. 

"No. D-dunno a Dee." Rolling his lip into his mouth, he sucked on the piercing In a very ‘Dee-Ell’ type of way. 

Locke beeped in his lap and Leeland was brought out of staring at the wooden floor boards. “Oh erm. He t-told me about Tyro and…Warlock…” There wasn’t much he could do with a computer. Doug’s information had been highly fabricated, dripping in false leads. Warlocks info on the other hand had been relatively true, hidden behind by a couple of firewalls from something called the SWORD database.  

If anything, at least he now knew where he got his tall awkward limbs from…

"Yeah, all of us have secrets," he mumbled,  tapping his lip.  He was going to have to have a talk about all this to Doug soon.

"He’s just someone we know," he said cheerfully.  "You should meet him, you two seem like you’d have a lot in common…"

He looked around.  ”Quite the place you got here.  You’re good with technology?  Dee is too.”

He shifted awkwardly, not sure what to do or say.  He really shouldn’t have come here but he’d gotten caught.  ”Do you know where Warlock comes from?”

portraitoffinniangrey asked:
//I was scrolling through my dash and I found that when your icon is really small, it looks like forest with a ball gag



boardingdeath asked:
Louis Lebeau (How late am I to this party? I'm so sorry)

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: existential angst

friendship: Marty probably idk


blog rate: 10/10

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Finnian Grey :-)

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Forest of course

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general opinions: what a cutie patootie, too BAD HE SEEMS TO HAVE DISAPPEARED (like I have room to talk)

blog rate: 10/10

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[bound to medical bed] Forest dropped from the ceiling tile and looked around, rushing to her. He immediately took out one of his throwing knives, using it as a regular knife in a punch, cutting the straps away. "Rikki? Hun? You okay?" When the straps were cut away he put his hands to her face, stroking her cheek with a thumb. "Can you hear me? It's Forest..."



She was so tired, but something made it through the haze of whatever they’d given her.

"…mmmph… whazzat?" Rikki clenched her teeth, tried to focus. "… fuh- …"

"No promises." God. Threatening to throw up on his tail. Romantic.

Jeez, not the time.

"Where is this- are we- are we still in New York?"

"Just outside," he said, travelling through the basement, looking for a staircase.  "I can get us somewhere safe pretty quick if we can just find the damn exit.’