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Squirrel Boy
fireinmyfists asked:
What are Forest's opinions on superheros as a whole?

Actually negative for the most part.  Part of my favorite thing about Forest is that he didn’t spend his time being a mutant in a protected school with unlimited funds and a staff ready to help him adapt to his powers.  Most of his life was spent with other mutants being dirt poor and living in solidarity against the bias of humans on a day to day basis.

So when he looks at the X-Men or the Avengers or the Fantastic Four or anyone, he sees people who fight to protect the weak but don’t really know or understand what true vulnerability and weakness is in the longterm.  They use money and connections and technology to boost themselves above many of the day to day problems they could have.

Forest finds himself wondering how someone like Logan would have fared in the X District community.  Or someone like Iron Man.  

Select members of the supergroups he can respect.  For example, he feels like Cap has a sense of true weakness versus true strength.  But for the most part, he feels like the others protect the weak from huge, world encompassing problems but do they care about things like mutant suicide rates, teen crime in the mutant population, police brutality against mutants for minor or made up offenses, etc?

And when they do take up these causes, are they aware that their popular viewpoints are going to directly effect how safe a fellow mutant is on the street while they remain safe from the lynch mob behind a thick wrought iron gate?

It’s just something he mulls over quite a bit.

d-cyphered asked:
If Forest were a canon character and someone else were going to play him, what are the five pieces of advice you would give them?

1. Forest is a complex character who likes to pretend he’s simple in calm moments.  I would suggest referencing Scarlet Johansen’s Black Widow performance as a good example of how to play Forest but on the other end of the spectrum.  Natasha is played as cold, emotionless and sarcastic but all the character acting is in the eyes.  Forest is chipper, happy, stupidly optimistic but there should always be a wide range of emotions and intelligence in his eyes.

2. Forest’s cuteness is not based in manipulation.  He’s totally unaware of how cute he is.  You have to play him as charming and adorable but like he’s completely unaware he’s charming and adorable.

3. The archetype surrounding his character is that he is weak but he’s mostly just not confident.  He should frequently surprise people with his strength.

4. Forest is bisexual with a preference for men.  THIS DOES NOT MAKE HIM GAY.  I REPEAT FOREST IS NOT GAY PLEASE DO NOT HAVE HIM IN YOUR MIND AS A GAY CHARACTER.  He should regard male and female characters in the exact same way.  He should not be indifferent to female characters.  BISEXUAL.

5. If there’s a kind older male on the screen at the same time as Forest, you should pretend that man is Forest’s dad because he’s just like that.

heirtoattilan asked:
mun studio: If Forest was a a DC character, what would change with him?

I’m not as familiar with DC lore but in my experience where Marvel is brightly colored, over the top fun time, DC tends to drift more toward the noir side of things, particularly Batman.  Superman tends to go towards the whole… Art Deco type thing.  

So with that in mind as the context, I think Forest would be more of a vigilante.  I think he would have gotten deeper into the crime side of things and ended up having to fight a bloody battle to get out of it and his fighting crime would be more of an atonement than his current just happening to fall in with the X-Men.  I think he’d have more of a masked vigilante thing going on.

I wouldn’t know what to say about how he got his powers though???  Government experiment?  Bitten by radioactive squirrel?  Lots of drugs while he was in the womb.

positivelybeastly asked:
How important do you think Forest's ethnicity is to him?

Very.  His mother may have been a deadbeat but she raised him in a very traditional mexican home which included the food, many of the holidays, etc.  He was also raised around traditional Mexican family members.

He’s very well aware of the hypocrisy of immigration laws and he’s not fond of the “Mexican Amigo” stereotype.  Even though he is a lapsed Catholic, everything down from homemade tortillas to lighting prayer candles is something that he was raised with and values in himself and feels outrage and disdain when it is devalued by others.

On the flip side, he is not nor does he want to be seen as a stereotype nor does he only want to hang out with people the same ethnicity as himself.  He just wants his traditions and culture respected and not seen as some kind of buffet of heritage where they can pile a little of this on their plate and if they don’t like it they can throw it away like it’s nothing.

levoleurcinetique asked:
How much has Forest changed since you first created him as a character?


And in some ways not much at all?

Forest was originally a Harry Potter OC made for a livejournal RP community.  He was 13 and a little bit pitiful.

If nothing else he’s gone from an angsty mess to a cheerful despite all odds type of character. I tend to play him much older than 13 these days and I’ve toned down some of the horror of his past.  

Plus the whole.. squirrel thing.

But his development has only gotten deeper, it hasn’t made a full shift really.  He’s always grown up with a shitty mom in a shitty part of town, he’s always been sexually promiscuous from a young age, he’s always had a bad taste in partners, he’s always been “cute.”

Really, his development has never backtracked much, just gotten deeper and deeper.

foxfiremagic asked:
"...hi, senpai..."

"And where have you been??"

(Source: psychoanalogical)




Educate. Educate. Remember your goal is to educate.

//sometimes my goal is more to bludgeon in the knowledge forcefully and with as much trauma as possible, oops I’m not a good person. <.<


Not yet, Ferb



Yes you are, yes you— … You talked.

Affirmative. Self possesses vocal apparatus!

… You’re a pug.  [holding up the tiny adorable dog]


Educate. Educate. Remember your goal is to educate.

//sometimes my goal is more to bludgeon in the knowledge forcefully and with as much trauma as possible, oops I’m not a good person. <.<