Squirrel. Mutant. Not related in any way to Squirrel Girl except by sharing a similar mutation. Has tiny, dainty squirrel feet and a big bushy tail.

Trying to figure out this big, crazy world.

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Squirrel Boy

//heading to bed but here’s a WIP I’ve been doing for the past couple of days whoo.


Ben huffed a laugh, “I haven’t done that in a few years, might be a little rusty trying not to use too much force against regular street thugs” He smirked, closing the book. “Sure, sun is about to go down then we’ll head out?” 

"Sure.  I even have a fancy new suit from my new squad," he grinned.  "This life is odd, I never had an urge to beat up random street jerks till I got here, you know?"

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He rested his head on Ben’s shoulder, looking at the book. “Boooooring,” he whined and rolled off him to lay next to him on his bed.  ”I want to do something fun.”

"Did you know they think that Lincoln was a mutant? Something to do with pheromones" He waved off, the different text books they had here had some slight differences than the ones he grew up with. "Like what? Not much to do here if you ask me"  

"Lincoln?  No way.  Just charismatic intelligent.  I mean he really wasn’t even all that non-racist, all his anti-slavery views were based heavily in politics," he shrugged.  He rolled over his side and propped his head up on an elbow.  "Wanna go patroling?"

"Oh my god, it’s Spiderman!!  Can I have your autograph??"


Getting caught in an interstellar war, getting lost — not that I ever get lost.

Getting abducted. You do know what they say about alien abductions, right?

… Did you just make an alien probing joke, are you five?


Ben was busy trying to read this text book about the Civil War when there was a body slammed on top of him. He let out a groan from the air rushing out of body. 

"Hi Forest. Long time no see" He said sarcastically, a small bit of relief from his American history reading. Any much longer and his eyes would have crossed. 

He rested his head on Ben’s shoulder, looking at the book. “Boooooring,” he whined and rolled off him to lay next to him on his bed.  ”I want to do something fun.”

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"We have two Finns?" This was news to her. Part of her work as the counselor was that she was supposed to know about new students. She was supposed to meet with them and talk with them a bit, see if they needed help settling in. "The organization here is shit." She uttered under her bet. "Yes, only Shogo. The beep beep is only for little babies."

"Knowing Finn, he was talk to see you and chickened out.  He’s really shy.  And awkward.  But I kind of like him," he shrugged.  "If you want I can drag him your way soon."


But dude, seriously. Going out to space isn’t something we can just up and do. Stuff could happen. Like, uh. Things.

What kind of things? [puts hands on hips]

Forest ran into their room and flopped down on the other mutant bodily.

"Sup Scaley?" he grinned, prepared to run for his life if need be.


"He, um…he lives alone," Nate said, "never been, uh, married? Is that the right word?"

The telepath concentrated. “He’s…It seems like he met your mother and they had sex and he was gone before he knew she was pregnant. I can show you if you want. But, um…He doesn’t think about kids, like, at all. He’s, uh, he’s content? Is that the right word? He’s not happy but he’s not unhappy either…”

Forest just stared at him, not replying immediately, torn.  Content?  Didn’t think about kids?  Surprise, your squirrel son is here, congratulations.  

He bristled.  ”No I don’t want to see my mom having sex that’s disgusting!” he said loudly and ducked, afraid his father heard, tho he knew that Nate had already said that was impossible.

"… H-How does he feel about mutants?" he asked quietly.

In Lucas’s mind lay images of him heavily funding pro-mutant-rights campaigns and buying spots at charity balls for the cause.  He was detached from the cause but very much for it.