Squirrel. Mutant. Not related in any way to Squirrel Girl except by sharing a similar mutation. Has tiny, dainty squirrel feet and a big bushy tail.

Trying to figure out this big, crazy world.

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Squirrel Boy


*errebody fights over who gets to keep forest*

Oh silly there is plenty of mun and muse to go around

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*maddie steals forrest and gives him a room at her halfway house*?????

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(( No Maddie no bring that back you have to share!


"I err, d-don’t know t-to much about it." He admitted, pressing his lips together in a thin line. "Only wh-what Doug t-told me." And even then, he was sure he’d been keeping something back from him. 

"Locke’s n-not a th-that.” Leeland frowned, still scratching the sphere’s surface to soothe and calm him down. “He’s a he. And w-well… He’s a p-part of me-” And they ripped us in two. He thought to himself before blowing out a breathe. 

"We c-came from a f-facility. Th-They w-wanted to s-stick me in a m-machine and we ran a-away." He stared at him long and hard before his gaze wandered to Rose. "Technarchs are p-pretty s-stubbon, huh?" Understatement of the year. Locke never really did as was told, but it wasn’t as if he was pet that needed to be scolded. 

"And Locke’s j-just a kid s-so if you c-could hold off e-eating him?" He asked Rose.

Forest exhaled, watching the little sphere.  He kind of did look like Warlock, like a tiny sphere version.  And this boy even resembled Doug.  But he also looked remarkably like Dee.

The squirrel boy paused as his brain began to connect and make sense.  But not total sense.  He harkened back to his earlier conversation with Dee.  About helping him find his father in this dimension.  That it was possible he was still alive.  But Forest had quickly run out of resources on the matter and it didn’t pan out.

He looked up.  ”… I-Is you name Leeland?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.  Rose looked at Forest sharply.

"Yoooouuuu knooooow thiiiiis beeaaaast?" she accused and Forest ignored her.

"That’s your name… right?" Forest asked, taking a step forward.

Uh, hi…?  Do you need help with that?


Dee-Ell settled his hands on his hips, peering down at her. A couple of wires swayed back and forth as his blotches shifted across his skin. “Rose-Friend. Are you going to behave for self? If not, I will tell grampa-self.”

"Iiiiii doooo noooot feaaaar the taaaaaaaal yeeeelloooow ooooone," she crooned, and paused.  "Buuuut Iiiii wiiiiill beeeehaaaave."

"There, see?" Forest grinned.


"Squirrel Girl? Of course! But when’d you turn into a dude?"

He paused, really looking at him now.  ”… O-Oh you’re not.. sorry the mask and I thought… who’re you?”

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[The bread remains firmly in place.]

Hey, that’s the Green Lantern oath, buddy! You better respect it! We go out there fighting to protect the galaxy from big evil bad things.

[huffs at the not-sandwich]

Well, like what?  I can’t say I’ve had many outerspace dealings before.  Is there a lot out there to fuss with?


"The shiniest.” He grinned. “But if you don’t want to come…” He trailed off, lips quirking in a smirk.

"Well now that I know it’s a very shiny car, I’m absolutely compelled," he smirked back.

Forest left his hood loosely over his nest of hair as he jogged down the sidewalk in the rain, running up to Shatterstar and Ric’s stoop and knocking.  Sheila squirmed in his hood and he’d elected to leave Rose with Dee for this trip, tho the young squirrel was considerably wigglier than Rose was.

He waited with his hood pulled close to his face, wincing as Sheila pushed a paw on his face to peek out then darted back in.

//does someone want to plot? :3